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Carrying Greatness
Discovering The Jewish Jesus

Monday, May 19, 2014 The Harvest Show  [ watch ]

He spent two decades reporting on pundits and politicians ... Fox News contributor and author Frank Shelton talks about his move from politics to the pulpit. Also he was nearly kidnapped and brainwashed for the faith ... Messianic Rabbi K.A. Schneider explains how he discovered the Jewish Jesus. And Brian Bush is on location in Jerusalem with an update on the latest news coming out of the Middle East  

Frank Shelton, Jr.     •

Brian Bush     •

Rabbi K.A. Schneider     •

Just say the Word
Brian Bush Headshot

Thursday, May 15, 2014 The Harvest Show  [ watch ]

Author Sam Ingrassia and his wife Vicki discuss the painful conversation that transformed their marriage, their prayer life, and ignited a ministry for men.
Also Pete catches up with Christina Weidner in Jerusalem for an update on her pilgrimage to the Holy Land. And speaking of Israel … Brian Bush is standing by with an update on the latest news coming out of the Middle East

Sam Ingrassia     •

Vicki Ingrassia     •

Brian Bush     •

LeSEA Tours     •


Wednesday, May 14, 2014 The Harvest Show  [ watch ]

 Author Rod Tucker takes an honest look at the self-deception of the Christian community. Plus, Pastor Michael Watkins is on a mission to build 1,000 homes in Guatemala..He joins us with a blueprint of the MilCasas Project. And Brian Bush stands by with an update on the latest news making headlines in the Middle East.

Rod Tucker     •

Michael Watkins     •

Thrill - When Normal Is Not Enough
Creation Museum

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 The Harvest Show  [ watch ]

Author and radio host Karl Clauson joins us to explain why normal is not enough in his new project 'Thrill.' And Stefan visits the state-of-the-art, 70,000 square foot Creation Museum to see firsthand what happened when God created the world. And we want to know your thoughts … Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and email us at 

Karl Clauson     •  •

Mark Looy     •

Plain Faith
Brian Bush Headshot

Monday, May 12, 2014 The Harvest Show  [ watch ]

It's a true story about unimaginable loss..Ora-Jay and Irene Eash open up about the tragedy that made them leave the Amish. Also Pete and Pastor David E. Sumrall discuss the secret behind the growth of the 30,000-member Cathedral of Praise Church in the Philippines. And Brian Bush is standing by in ...

Ora-Jay Eash     •

Irene Eash     •

Brian Bush     •

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