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2 tablets for Your Marraige
Feed the hungry

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 The Harvest Show  [ watch ]

Pastor and author Tony Hart explains how married couples can experience love for a lifetime with help from the 10 Commandments. Also, harvest show correspondent Kelly Vaughn finds out how the Auto Group of Indianapolis is making a difference one hungry child at a time.

Dr. Tony Hart     •

Feed The Hungry     •

Broken and Transformed
LeSEA Tours

Monday, March 31, 2014 The Harvest Show  [ watch ]

Licensed counselor Kristi Lemley opens up about the shame of sexual abuse and how to break free in her project, 'Broken and Transformed.' Also, this ancient, biblical city is located 200 meters below sea level ... Pete takes us on a virtual tour of the modern-day city of Tiberias.

Kristi Lemley     •

LeSEA Tours     •

Brian Bush     •

Chad Norris
Spread the Word

Friday, March 28, 2014 The Harvest show  [ watch ]

Pastor Chad Norris explains what to expect when Jesus invades your life in his release "Signs, Wonders and a Baptist Preacher'! And financial commentator Craig R. Smith joins us with an update on the latest economic news making headlines around the world. 

Chad Norris     •

Craig R. Smith     •  •

Spread The Word  

Gary Chapman
Brian Bush Headshot

Thursday, March 27, 2014 The Harvest Show  [ watch ]

Award-winning singer and songwriter Gary Chapman performs music from his CD, 'The Truth." And Brian Bush is standing by in Jerusalem with an update on the latest news happening in the Middle East.

Gary Chapman     •

Brian Bush     •

Rev. Jerry Kofi Tutu
Brian Bush Headshot

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 The Harvest Show  [ watch ]

TV host and author, the Rev. Jerry Kofi Tutu, explains how Christians grow in the faith through the process of spiritual photosynthesis. Also which city did Jesus condemn for rejecting Him? Find out the fascinating facts about ancient Korazim in today’s ‘Land of the Bible.' And Brian Bush is standing by with an update on the latest news happening in the Middle East.

Rev. Jerry Kofi Tutu     •

Brian Bush     •

Yair Amichay     •

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