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Live Right Now
Making Healthy Choices

Thursday, February 6, 2014 The Harvest Show

When life hurts, call the doctor … Dr. Sabrina Black joins us with honest answers to life’s tough questions in her new release ‘Live Right Now.’ Dr. Rodrigo Rodriquez discusses the warning signs of a stressed-out life, and what you can do to improve your health. Casting Crowns was here live a few weeks ago and recorded a few songs from their CD ‘Thrive’ … Check out their performance later in the show.

Dr. Sabrina D. Black     •

Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD     •

new way church
kirk franklin

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 The Harvest Show  [ watch ]

It’s only a five-letter word, but it can revolutionize your life … Pastor Richard Summerlin discusses the purpose and power of faith. LeSEA correspondent Kelly Vaughn catches up with nine-time, Grammy Award-winner Kirk Franklin to find out what the singer has been up to. Brian Bush is standing by in Jerusalem with an update on the latest news.

Pastor Richard R. Summerlin     •

Kirk Franklin     •

you found me
Prosperity Matters

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 The Harvest Show  [ watch ]

He went from serving time to serving Christ … Author Keith Robinson chronicles his incredible story of God’s deliverance in his project ‘You Found Me.’ And in today’s Prosperity Matters… Harold Hazen discusses how you can prepare for retirement by readjusting your budget And we want to hear what you have to say … Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and at

Keith Robinson     •

Your Future Reflection

Monday, February 3, 2014 The Harvest Show  [ watch ]

The newly-selected president of Bethel College Gregg Chenoweth discusses the value and purpose of a Christian education. Planning for tomorrow--today … Author Guy Hatcher talks about how to leave a legacy beyond money in his project ‘Your Future Reflection.’ And later in the show … Brian Bush joins us for an update on the latest news making headlines in the Middle East.

Gregg A. Chenoweth, Ph.D.     •

Guy Hatcher     •

Thrive Casting CRowns
money moment

Friday, January 31, 2014 The Harvest Show  [ watch ]

They’ve sold 8 million albums—and counting … Casting Crowns returns with more music, and lead singer Mark Hall discusses God’s plan for you to thrive. In today’s Money Moment, Financial commentator Craig R. Smith will no doubt talk about the state of the president’s State of the Union address. Most of us have sight, but do you have vision? … Pastor Mark Lantz wraps up his week-long series on God-given vision.

Casting Crowns     •

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