Japan Quake

Hello All,

I awoke this morning to the breaking news of the massive 8.9 earthquake about 150 kilometers off the coast of Japan. And least we forget – more than 20 aftershocks – one of which was 6+ on the scale have rocked the island nation.

The incredible footage to be seen of the impact of this earth's shift is amazing. The sheer speed and power of the waves crossing the expanse of the pacific ocean at 800 kilometers (500 miles) an hour is incredible.

No doubt you too will have seen the helicopters footage of the isolated surge waves rolling through farmlands carrying with them boats, cars, homes, and debris.

I have been to Japan three times and feel for their situation. As I monitor the news at this moment police have begun to discover hundreds of bodies of those not able to escape the coastal areas in the minuets after the earthquake.

Thankfully, it appears the Hawaiian Islands will miss any sustained damage but rather the water's focusing and defocusing with it's waves will continue there till dawn. But the power and energy is creating odd behavior of the ocean with continued unpredictability.

I called into my dear friends there to check in and all is well. It is something to see the areas there where I used to live spoken off in terms of disaster preparation and impact.

But as I sit here and heal from my accident half a world away from theirs – I can't help but pray a prayer of wonder in God's creation – nature effected by sin, and the power of God to re-create.

God sees all. God knows all. And God cares... He loves both His creation and man – join me in remembering those effected by this catastrophe and it's fall out.

One final check before posting; Guam's Tsunami alert has been cancelled – that's good news for that region of the pacific as some of the anticipated sea level changes as described by the Red Cross earlier were said to be greater than that of some of the islands themselves.

Pray with me for those upon the high seas in the Pacific, and for our Christian family in Japan that they may have wisdom and an abundance of grace to help the people there in the aftermath of their largest quake in over 100 years.

Brian Bush Middle East Correspondent LeSEA Broadcasting

How Beautiful

Wow – what a great time we had yesterday planting trees!

It seemed brief – but it was a beautiful setting and the momentary drizzle was just enough to remind us of God's good blessing.

It got dark fast, as the storm clouds blew through, but there were incredible gaps where rays of the bright full moon showed right across the sky – absolutely breathtaking!

And today we awoke here in Jerusalem at dawn to rolling thunder – some pounding raindrops – and then a lovely day to enjoy. White puffy thunderheads and dark heavy moister laiden clouds seemed touchable if I could just jump a little higher...

It is a lovely time to be here – and I am so happy for the group – four busses of them, to have this enjoyable weather to visit the Holy Land – the place I love.

I commented on the show yesterday that to hear the group laughing and chuckling as they got off the bus – you could just sense it was a good group and they were pleased.

February is not all that far off so if your thinking about going – give us a call or go to the Web site (www.leseatours.com) and find out what all you can see, experience, and learn from a LeSEA Tours trip to the Land of the Bible!

And speaking of shows – do please tune in to Mondays Live show from Jerusalem – it is going to be special and we got some great guests lined up for you – so please do tune in!

Don't forget to send in your prayer requests as well – we want to support you as much as we can. If you like – you can always dail into the LeSEA prayer line and speak with someone who is there specifically because they want to pray with people – and that means you!

Call: 1-800-365-3732

Have a terrific weekend,


Singing in the Rain - Nope!

Hello Everyone!

You know what I am going to write about? The Weather!

Sprinkles in July??? Yesterday the weather people said it may rain up north in the Galilee and in the center of the Country – Jerusalem!

This is the middle of the summer... It was HOT over the weekend, but some system from Europe has appeared to come down, bringing much needed relief.

Sadly, it also brought stormy waters to the shores – not so much storms and wind, but rough waters have claimed the lives of 5 beachgoers. My family was at the beach over the weekend and enjoyed the water – but it was definitely close to shore. But all the caution didn't dampen our time as the girls happily sang their silly songs all the way home!

Fact is one series of waves caught us up a bit and I bashed into my youngest as she twirled under the water that had sucked her down and wasn't letting her rise.

But whether this is the result of climate change or nature's mercy, here in this arid desert land this moist air is appreciated – the sky is so pretty too!

Some say this land itself back in Biblical days was a lot more covered by trees and plant life. That may be – Biblical history runs back about 5000 years from today.

There's been a lot of scorched earth over 5 millennia – that has undoubtedly contributed to changing the face of this land.

But in the end it did not sprinkle in Jerusalem – but it sure felt like it at one point! – We even had to get some long sleeves on – all at the end of July in the middle of the desert...

All the best to you!


A Tree

Hi Folks,

Today I did something not associated very much with the Old City of Jerusalem... I planted four trees!! Yes – inside the city walls!

It was actually a perfect day to do so with a slight breeze and the warm sun peeking out between the dark clouds.

There were quite a few pilgrims out and about. There were several groups from Nigeria, two groups from England – some folks from Texas... and even a group from Lithuania. There was also some excitement as group after group of Israeli soilders went running by (for what I am not sure). I was encouraged by some of the passers by who commented on the improvement the trees made.

So why did I plant trees you ask???

My kids have a book that they like about three trees that grow up dreaming that they will be something big and powerful. One tree gets cut down and made into a manger in Bethlehem. Another gets chopped down and made into a fisherman's boat in the Galilee. The last one is cut into beams that are eventually used for a cross by some Roman soldiers in Jerusalem.

You can fill in the blanks on the story – but I love the fact that the Bible tells us that all creation testifies to the glory of God.

There are so many beautiful buildings made from Jerusalem's limestone everywhere in the Old City. Some keep sacred the spots that are associated with the Life and Ministry of Jesus – and they are a sign of importance made by man's hands.

But what about the stuff God makes?! We don't have very much nature or green spaces in the Old City – so this was an opportunity today to make an improvement... to plant a sign that can point people to God as they pass by in this holy city – just as a tree did 2000 years ago – and still does today, in the sign of the Cross.

With all Resurrection Joy,