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Sunless Skies
LeSEA Tours

Friday, October 31, 2014 The Harvest Show  [ watch ]

She’s ministered at hundreds of funerals and memorial services … But today Minister Rosetta Archer explains what NOT to say to someone who's grieving.
And licensed Israeli tour guide Omer Eshel stops by to share childhood memories of growing up in Israel, and he explains why you should visit the Holy Land.
And later in the show ... LeSEA partners talk about sending Bibles around the world and how you can help us fulfill the Great Commission

Rosetta Archer     •

LeSEA Tours     •

Spread The Word     •

The Reluctant Journey
Insider's Guide to Spiritual Warfare

Thursday, October 30, 2014 The Harvest Show  [ watch ]

Why a relationship with the Father is easier than you think … Dr. Richard Leslie Parrott talks about knowing and doing the will of God
And former psychic Kristine McGuire reveals battle-tested strategies for defeating the enemy in her project ‘An Insider’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare’
And later Pastor Mark concludes his teaching with part three of ‘Walking in Wisdom’

Richard Leslie Parrott     •

Kristine McGuire     •

Brian Bush     •

Pastor Mark Lantz     •

Small Talk
What Does It Take to Get to Heaven

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 The Harvest Show  [ watch ]

Is God speaking through your kids? … Author Amy Julia Becker reveals what you can learn about God by having a simple conversation with your children. And when Tim Burrow’s wife died he wanted to die too—but he didn’t know how to get to heaven.....The author explains what it takes to have eternal life.
And watch what you say! … Pastor Mark Lantz reveals the power of your words in part two of ‘Walking in Wisdom’

Amy Julia Becker     •

Timothy Burrow     •

Brian Bush     •

Pastor Mark Lantz     •

There is Grace
Mark Lantz

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 The Harvest Show  [ watch ]

Singer Lara Landon was enjoying the success of a new album, when the unexpected happened ... Today she sings about God's grace in tough times 
And in today's 'Connections' ... Pastor Mark Lantz reveals the secret to godly discernment in part one of the teaching, 'Walking in Wisdom'

Lara Landon     •

Pastor Mark Lantz     •

Spread the Word

Monday, October 27, 2014 The Harvest Show

Help Spread the Word.

Spread The Word     •

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